Carolina ILICA



I. He Was Stroking Me
He was stroking me. And his fingers
Were not five,
But six.
Not six,
But seven.
Not just seven,
But eight.
Not merely eight,
But nine,
Not nine,
But ten.
Not ten,
But thirteen!

The pleasure of stroking
Had multiplied his fingers.
The pleasure of enduring them
Made me so lonely!

II. Sleepless Nights
Oh, sleepless nights, nights of love,
Below your chest when I give up all of myself.

The air, true cloister,
Lights candles in plum blossoms.

Oh, sleepless, waiting nights,
When I pray to God, Give him to me,

With so much longing and passion,
That drops fall molten onto my forehead.

 6. Dionysus (Nightflier)
From you to me:
Wolf howl only.

You sniff at the silence that comes and goes
When howls tear and rave.

Armpits, remnants of divine sexes,
Hold yourself with them!

From me to you:
Swarm of bees.

Open your arms for them to nestle!

In the armpits:
Flower wax.

Light it when you feel like dying!

I. Lakes
I was cooling myself after you, with a whole lake, in summer.
It was not the long, sleek snakes, cautious into evening
That slept, it was lotus flowers with their heads above water.

For the first time guilty fish girls
Waved under waves, silvery backs.
Not they, just the fish men jumped far ahead.

Grand sedge kept mirroring itself.
There was no wind, but it shivered all like me.
You did not touch me, yet I shivered all the same.

II. Like Mauve Gauze
Like mauve gauze: watery-like
 The silk of a lake.
I was coming in the evening, among the sedge.
 Swim little, keep silent more.

They threw slow rods
 With rough, transitory thread,
Alluring with rustles and whispers
 The undying sky Fish.

But I fell willingly, caught
 In the net of the moon.
As in the arms of the man
 I still longed for.

He seemed a spell all around -
 How could I breathe and not rend it?
At the nakedness of water, my body
 All ashamed, a child again,

When the lake floated me on its chest
 Like a leafless lotus.
Night, from the skies, enveloped us
 In darkness, both of us.

I felt secure that nobody, no one
 Here, at least, would ambush me.
As we usually think that death
 Will find the others - only.

(Traducere de Lidia VIANU)