Vasile MUSTE

Elegii lîngã ape / Elegies by the waters

You stay and say 
„Good-bye”' to me
But it's you the good I need 
I go away and my life shakes
Young tree inside me

 Into a cloud turns my step
 you were the falling dew 
 that kissed the men's eyelash  
 from the Hell to Eden   

into a sky changes my eye
 a wheel that shows the lights
my lady, o, my dear lady
the roots send out leaves

 Before the pack of wolves I stood    
A shield were all my loves
 Never before was my life clay
As it is now

this loneliness
that fails to heal the wounds
and the sky between us
 was just a seeming stream
the grass high in waves gently bends
to cover your shadow
in its smoky gait
you get rid of the burden
and I dream about the rain, a sheen bride,
that won't have the earth for the home
 to fall down on


In every place you'll remain afloat
towards me you'll ever flow
the wave that holds you, the dream
in store for you,  the wheat
wed to bread know the clay
after the longing for the present rains
when bleeds in its hands
the field barren to its far end...

The autumn's star shall fall off the sky window
all in tears by gods
you alone will flow in this world
and hanker for the shore of my shoulders


Beyond time you carried the sky in your arms
with a last smile the path of the dew
and no one shall know  whence the storm comes 
on secret wheels
it's late in the green of the house
and the daybreaks fall asleep by the window's mouth
it's moon in me and  you'll probably leave guilty
with a pace wary  to avoid  the cry of the leaf and
the rain
for which once you  were earth  more living than life
and the place
that resembles a forgotten wonder: living before
mankind and time with an earthly dream


The trees drink wind 
at a forest inn, the hours 
under the axe
 break their neck

Buried in oblivion
From another twilight
 all the skies flow
Over the mankind

He who's bound you
to the present  dew
shall get a shelter
after nine eternities

When in place of a house
The rays break up.

Traduceri de Olimpia Iacob